Free Christian Sermon Topics and Outlines

Some of the most often searched for Topics are:

Why does God allow suffering
Why does God allow evil to happen
Why does God let people suffer
Why does God love us
Why does God allow bad things to happen
Why does God allow people to suffer

How often do we ask ' Why Does God '... Please search my home page for Christian sermon ideas, helps and brief outline that you can build on. Whether you need a few hints, a full sermon, or some answers to the ' Why Does God ' questions; I have a number of Biblical outlines on various topics here on my site.

Please feel free to use any of my material, sermons or messages, for your own use. Use them for prayer meetings, Sunday School or for regular Sunday Church Service.

I continue from time to time to add to my list additional messages, answers to some often asked ' Why Does God ' questions; and a few have Powerpoint outlines to go along with them.

Some of these messages I have used myself in speaking engagements including Adult Sunday School and regular Sunday Church Services.

It is the Lord's desire that we spread the word wherever we can, and being able and willing to help each other out with information, is just one of many ways for Christians to work together in spreading God's word in tangable ways.

If you are looking for something on a topic that I have not addressed yet, you can e-mail me and I will try to get back to you. Because I work full time, obviously my time is limited and I may not be able to respond quickly, so please be patient.

Again I thank you for checking out this site and pray what you find may encourage you, help you with your own work, and if you do not know the Lord yet that you will read the salvation messages and pray that you give yourself to Him.

Also I have links to other sites that I find very good and helpful.

In the Lords work, Lester Zwicker

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